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Tips to Reduce Workplace Accidents in the Office

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When you think of workplace health and safety risks, it’s not uncommon to think of industries that work with heavy machinery or hazardous materials. Yet, that’s not the only worksite where workplace injuries can take place. Each year there are thousands of on the job injuries reported by office workers. That’s why it is imperative for businesses to reduces those health and safety hazards. Below is a look at some steps you can take to maintain a safe workplace.

Trip and Falls

One of the easiest ways for someone to get hurt in the office is by tripping and falling. Here are a few things you can do to reduce the risk of this type of accident happening:

  • Keep Clutter Down – It is important that workers have a clear path to walk around the workplace. This means reducing clutter like printer boxes, files cabinets, and office equipment.
  • Cords – The use of electronic devices and technological equipment has increased, therefore, increasing the need for energy. Using extension cords to power devices and streaming the cords along the office floor is a tripping hazard. It would be better instead to install a pop up countertop outlet so that each worker has their own power source near their desk.
  • Safer Flooring – Does your office space have marble tiles or other sleek flooring tiles? This could be grounds for a slip and fall accident – especially when it’s wet. You can easily reduce those risks by purchasing carpeting for entryways and high-traffic areas.


Another commonly reported workplace accident for office workers is ergonomic accidents. After sitting in an office chair glued to a computer screen for eight hours your body is susceptible to getting strained or injured in some way. You can decrease the likelihood of one of your workers getting hurt by considering the following safety tips:

  • Ergonomic Furniture – Comfortability, proper posture and correct placement are all necessary to reduce ergonomic accidents in the workplace. There are office furniture and equipment that could be invested to help in each of these areas. There are adjustable desks which can be adjusted to suit a sitting or standing height for the employee. Ergonomically correct keyboards help to support proper hand placement.
  • Encourage Breaks – To prevent things like eye, neck, or back strain it is important to encourage your employees to take a break every few hours. They can use this time to stretch, use the restroom, grab refreshments, or just to get away from the computer screen for a while.
  • Employee Education – Training employees on basic things like how to sit properly in a chair and keyboard placement can also reduce their risk of strain or injury. It is also imperative to properly train staff on how to utilize all new equipment and devices used in the office to prevent accidents.

You may not realize the many risks and dangers there are lurking in your startup office.  What you don’t want to do is wait until someone gets hurt to implement changes to reduce these risks. Take a survey of your workspace to see if there are dangers such as those listed above. Take the necessary measures to rectify the problem even if that means getting rid of a lot of clutter,  investing in more storage space, or purchasing new devices and furniture.