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Best Ways to Utilize Notebooks Effectively


Offer a person a notebook and the next thing he does is scan its pages. The next other thing is to fill it – with his signature, thoughts, ideas or at least his name and address. Notebooks are never left unused by people; but are they used effectively? That is the million dollar question.

Is there any advantage in notebook printing? How to make effective use of your notebooks? Take a look.

Using Notebooks Effectively

Notebook printing is still in vogue because people find innumerable ways of using a notebook. You can try some of these and use your notebook effectively as

1. Your Professional Journal

Yes, a notebook is invaluable in your workplace. Unlike the scribbling pad used to jot down random comments, the notebook is much more concrete if not concise. For this reason, you can use it to record the valuable inputs you received at the office. Inscribing what you learned each day enables you to introspect on how much your profession has upgraded your skills. A quick look at this professional journal summarizes your work experience and what you gained from it.

2. Your Personal Diary

You may not be Anne Frank, yet your diary is still your closest friend. Make your notebook diary your constant companion for confiding your thoughts and innermost secrets. Give vent to your frustrations,  lash out with anger, whine, complain, grumble, shriek or shout!- your notebook will still be there listening in silence. According to psychologists, such a silent companion is needed for almost every person to share their thoughts with.

3. Your Fitness Journal

Almost everyone is a fitness freak these days. Make a note of your vital health and physical parameters like weight, blood sugar, BP, etc every month. Those who are on an exercise regimen can make a note of what exercises they did daily and note its results on your health periodically. This fitness notebook will help you understand which exercises are really beneficial for you and whether you are really fit or not.

4. Your Vision Journal

Ambitious people always have a vision. If you are one, then keep a notebook as your vision journal.

If you are a person with ambition, you must never lose track of it. To keep your vision in sight and help you take proactive steps to reach your goal, use this vision notebook. Record on each page the step you take daily towards your goal. Also, note down the hurdles you face and how you overcome them. This vision notebook could prove to be an inspiration to you as well as others.

5. Your Health Log

Your health log is different from your fitness diary. Your health log not only keeps a record of your physical parameters but also of the ailments you suffer from, periodically.

Use your notebook as a health lo noting down each month everything about your health. record what aches, pains or infections you suffered from, each month. Make a note of the medication you received and also jot down your recovery time. This health log notebook will help you analyze which diseases you are more prone to and which medication help you the most. This helps you to be forewarned against these illnesses in the future.

There are 1000 ways of using notebooks effectively and we have seen just 5.

Notebooks have many more such uses. Artists use notebooks as a form of expression to record their sketches. Poets ink in their verses instantaneously. Novelists pen their storylines. Scientists note down their formulae and their derivations. Geniuses inscribe their “Eureka moments”. And kids, kids just doodle, scribble and in general, use notebooks to have fun!