4 Tips To Promote Your Company’s Anniversary Like A Boss

4 Tips To Promote Your Company’s Anniversary Like A Boss

So, your company will be celebrating its 25th anniversary soon, but just a mere press release won’t make the cut. Also, with no solid news around your anniversary, how do you plan to promote this achievement?

Well, you can announce your anniversary via social media posts and work with editors close to the company to create the required buzz, but it still feels far from scratching beyond the surface. So what can you do to create the added excitement around this important milestone for your company?

Don’t fret, as we have put together a list that will help you promote your company’s anniversary like a boss!

  1. Show your CEO’s profile

Show your company’s success by showcasing the person who lead it to its success: the CEO. Why is your CEO passionate about the work he/she does? What personal experiences and motivations brought them here? Do they possess any unique skills that others can take a note of? Has your company achieved something special under their leadership? To make your CEO stand out, show all these differentiators. For example, take a look at GreatCall from San Diego, a company from the health sector that celebrated its 10th anniversary.

The CEO, David Inns, raised over $75 million in funding in its founding years and made partnerships with companies like Lyft and Lively. The way they promoted their CEO made them have an entire page to themselves in Xconomy San Diego.

2  Post articles about changes in the industry and predictions

So your company has been in the industry for twenty-five years now and it must have seen things that changed the industry over the years. Well, even you must have witnessed some major events that either brought about a revolution or crumbled the industry whole. But, after seeing these ups and downs you must have an idea on how the industry is progressing and what the future holds for you.

Though such articles are posted every year, the silver jubilee will be the perfect opportunity for you to put your company’s story across your existing and potential customers. Note down all these points and turn it into an article or develop a blog post to bring traffic to your website.

3  Show your company’s progress through an infographic

So you might not be the founding member of your company, but that doesn’t mean you have no idea of how the company started and progressed throughout the years. Whether your company started in a garage or barn, today it is making business deals with international clients. A lot of industry people would want to know how your company achieved such a milestone. With an infographic, you can showcase your company’s progress in a short and to the point manner.

Why should we do that, you ask?

Well, not everyone has free time on their hand to read a gigantic article. For such people, a visual representation of the company’s growth will be a fine way to show your company’s progress. Post this infographic across your company’s social media handles and share it with journalists covering your company’s story. For example, take a look at Steve Jobs’s infographic. It walks you through his birth, education, how he started Apple, the revolutions he brought to the industry and how his journey ended.

4  Promoting your company celebrations

Level up your promotion game by getting silver jubilee accessories made for your company, like silver jubilee t-shirts, bags and cheap promotional pens that spreads your company’s slogan or message. With a silver jubilee on your hands, definitely, there will be internal celebrations going on in your office. It could be a speech from the CEO, company dinner or an outing. Use this to showcase your company culture on social media. Also, encourage your employees to tweet about the celebrations and post photos of events on Instagram and Facebook.

While you are sharing the celebration photos on your company’s social media handles, don’t forget to post them on LinkedIn. Showcasing your company culture in the professional network will help you hire the best talent available in the industry and also show your clients that you care about your employees. And we do not need to tell you that happy employees make happy customers.

We hope the above-given tips help you celebrate your company’s silver jubilee in an awesome way and you have quite the blast!