Boost your Business with calendar printing in 2019

Boost your Business with calendar printing in 2019

Calendars have been integral to our tradition in India. Yes, every household has a calendar compulsorily to look at dates, auspicious timings, and plan their events.

Calendar printing has really played a crucial role in business by increasing the visibility and sales of many fledgeling companies. This relevance of calendar printing is still not lost in 2019 for calendars are still being printed and distributed by companies as New Year gifts to their privileged customers and employees. So, embark on calendar printing for 2019 and look at ways in which it boosts your business.

Statistics show that calendar printing is still relevant for your business

  • Every office has at least 4-5 calendars- wall or desk ones.
  • Every home has at least 3 calendars
  • At least 75% of the homes have a calendar in the kitchen
  • 83% of the people love to receive calendars as gifts
  • 70% of them will buy from companies who gift them calendars

The facts don’t lie. These statistics from the New York Times really prove the relevance of calendar printing in boosting your business even in these recent times.

6 Ways Calendar Printing can Boost Your Business in 2019

  1. Great Theme

Yes, your calendar must have an emphatic theme that really connects with the audience. Let it be a theme that is relevant in 2019 and not something outdated. Let it also be a theme that is related to your business. Try picking a new focus area for every month with an overarching theme. Do you have new products or services coming out in 2019? Are you planning to focus on a specific area? If so, choose a theme that is current and connects your product or brand to the audience.

  1. Good Design is Good Business

Remember, you are not only using this calendar in your office, but also gift it to prospective and existing clients and customers. Your calendar is going to hang to their wall for an entire year, so make your design count. Let the design be so striking that it attracts every person from every corner of the room where it is displayed. Let your imagination take flight to form unique ideas and depict them on the calendar. If you are too busy or run short of ideas, just get the calendar designed from your print provider for professional results, or choose from predesigned templates.

  1. Showcase Your Brand

There is nothing that beats the calendar for its wide canvas for visibility. It will hang for the whole year, which is 365 days of longevity. Use it to your advantage by showcasing your brands prominently on each page of your calendar. Use the services of a professional photographer to shoot professional images of your brands. Or, you can send your product photos in hand to your print provider and ask them to edit and use them. Whatever the case may be, your calendar is the best platform for showcasing your products, so don’t miss it.

  1. Indispensable Office Accessory

Your goal is to make your calendar so functional that anyone who sees it will want a copy of it. Your calendar can be made more useful by adding a daily planner, important daily information about events and occasions, some useful business tips, tear-off to-do lists, etc. Office executives plan their day and month regularly to optimize their efficiency at the workplace. They will definitely find your calendar handy to help them schedule their work.

  1. Appeal to All Ages

Your calendar might be used for a household, so make your calendar attractive and appealing to all members of the family irrespective of their age. Include arresting visuals to attract the men of the household. Useful tips and quirky quotes appeal to women and elders. Cartoons appeal to kids, while trendy techie stuff is for the teenagers. See how best you can assimilate all these inputs into your calendar. It’s difficult to please everyone, but you can try your best.

  1. Sales Promotion

Make your calendar your best sales promotional tool. Use it to generate leads or convert customers. How to do this? You could attach a tear-off discount coupon onto the pages of your calendar. Better yet, print promo codes for each individual product separately on each page offering sizeable discounts. See, now your calendar is not only your advertising, but an effective marketing tool, too!

Calendar printing will definitely boost your business multifold if you implement the tips given above.

Make your calendar your biggest business booster by designing it aesthetically, attractively and appealingly.